Speech About Multicultural Education

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Introduction Have you heard before about multicultural education?. In the last years multicultural education has been increasing in all the countries around the world, but the question is why this issue became so relevant and how this kind of education brings impact, rather positive or negative to students? Schools are being forced to change their method and increase the academic level because of multiculturalism. In this passage you would know about what is the definition of multicultural education in United States schools. What is multicultural education? Speaking about multicultural education provides us a big panorama of diversity. According to Wilson (1985) is designed for the cultures of several different races in an educational system, it provides students knowledge about the culture of diverse groups. It’s an emerging discipline with content, concepts, paradigms and theories from interdisciplinary fields. Multicultural education seeks to give diverse students an equal change in school, life and contributing to build a healthy community. One of its important goals is to help all students to acquire the knowledge, attitude and skills to function in this new pluralistic and changing society. Some of the skills are know perfectly another language and other culture; this will make you different from other students when you’re looking for a job and many others aspects day to day. Students have difficulties learning when a class is given in another language or when
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