The Influence Of Music Culture

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What is Music Culture Jordan Murray Noble AP Lang Period 5 Jr Theme A study in 2008, showed that 15-18 year olds listen to about 2.4 hours of music every day (Pacific). One may say that music is ingrained into normal life. The biggest television event of the year is the Super Bowl, and halftime is all about music. Music in movies can make or break it's success. Music is everywhere, but what comes from the content of these songs? Music culture promotes substance abuse, promiscuity and violence. Lyrics in songs influence our youth and these artists are role models to many. But when the lyrics are sex, drugs, and killing, these artists are changing our youth to think that this is the social norm. In a study conducted by Mediabase, results found…show more content…
Songs lyrics are ignored by the masses and instead, only the success is published (Knoploh). An example of this, is a song called Birthday Sex by Jeremih. The topic of the song is not very hard to guess. The song featured lyrics like, “You close your eyes as I improve between your legs/We work our way from kitchen stoves and tables - Don't need candles and cake/ Just need your body to make/ … Birthday sex/ Birthday sex.” Dr. Brian Primaks study about exposure to explicit music shows that lyrics can cause someone’s arousal (Knoploh). The pop contemporary genre is the third most popular on radio in America. 92% of millennials are reached weekly by at least some form radio (Pacific). This song was #1 on the Billboard Top One Hundred Charts for a time placed second of all time, reaching not only rap stations but also the pop stations. Even public schools are pumping these song through the youth. CPS, Chicago Public Schools, used the success the artist Jeremih had as an example in a campaign to get kids to go back to school in the fall. Most of his praise was given to him in account that he was self taught and he came up through the CPS system (Knoploh). When one promotes an artist whose content is solely about sex, to the youth, you start to corrupt them into thinking that sex is cool. The idea that success can overpower content is the current mindset in America. From the Oval Office to the Super Bowl, our youth is being exposed and…show more content…
Music about sex and strippers are reaching number one on the Billboard Top One Hundred Chart (Knoploh). Flo Rida’s song Right Round sounds, to critics, as if it is about oral sex. He responded to the claims by explaining that the song is about the stripclub. While the hook didn’t have profanity in it, it makes one wonder if the song was truly about the stripclub: “You spin my head right round/when you go down.” He proceeds to repeat that for about 16 lines for all three of the hooks in the song. This song was also a number one hit, featured on Today News’ Summer Concert Series. Another song with equally “profane” lyrics, Lady Gaga’s Disco Stick where she sings about wanting to ride “Your disco stick” in the hook of her number one song. Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s Blame It tells the audience to blame poor decisions, most of them being sexual, on the alcohol (Knoploh). This song is telling the audience it's okay to have while sex while under the influence, which by law is mutually non consensual, as long as you blame it on the alcohol. Blame It is another number one hit, knocked off it's 14 week throne on the Top One Hundred Chart by none other than Birthday Sex. These songs are not only socially acceptable, but socially

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