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By a show of hands who here goes to the Taco Bell in Pontoon. If you have then you’ve most likely seen me there. You know, the guy more than likely getting in trouble for throwing sauce packets and food at my coworkers. Like many of you, I spend a great deal of time at my job. It’s where I’ve built friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime. I’ve been working ever since I turned 16. At the same Taco Bell in fact. I got his job through the friendships I had made during the other hobbies I had at the time. So today, I’d like to talk about my personal background and some hobbies of mine. My background is a little sad but it’s how I became who I am, so I find it important for some people to know. First off I’d like to state that I don’t…show more content…
It’s no secret that I’m a huge nerd. I love all types of nerdy things. First off, gaming is what I enjoy the most. I guess you can say it started when I was 7 and got a Gameboy for Christmas. And trust me, you know it was 2007 when a kid is extremely excited that he a mobile version of Pac-Man. From then on I got an Xbox 360 when I turned 11 and man did I forget what sunlight was for a solid two to three years. I played that thing religiously. Day in and day out. It wasn’t until 2016 that I learned about PC gaming. And that’s when I decided that I NEEDED a computer. I begged for months and months to try and get a computer. And I finally got one. Then I decided I was gonna spend approximately too much money, and improve it. It now stands with a two monitor setup and a brand new high powered graphics card and one of the newest processors. Now, this may seem cheesy, but my other hobby is spending time with my girlfriend. She really is awesome though. An artist, musician, poet, and dancer that actually decided to say yes to this is pretty amazing let me tell you. She’s been able to bring me up from my darkest days and we’ve been the happiest we’ve ever been while
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