Personal Narrative: Quiell Rio Balais

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Quiell says Hi with her confident hand wave. Quiell Rio Balais, known as Quiell, Elle or even Rio is a transferee student here at St. Augustine. She isn't a stereotypical "new student" - shy, demure, socially inept, instead she brought her confidence as she stepped at this school. She everyday smiled contagiously as she walked past to every students. We've seen her potential in the first few weeks of this school year where we all once introduced ourselves in front, we will never forget how she would let everybody know herself "Quiell Rio Balais, Grade 8 Temperance!!" (in a beauty queen tone and hand wave)
I asked her a couple of questions via direct message and her answers would definitely make you love her more. So, come on and join me in getting to know her more in this article of mine as she is now the new "it girl"
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Her answer is "My ideal man is my total opposite. For me, it would be balanced. A man that would make me feel insecure for myself so that I could change and be better for him. A man that is focused on his goal in life. A man that is snob to others but very thoughtful to me, gentleman, full of efforts, a man that will stand by my side no matter how hard any situation is, will understand me in all aspect, obedient towards his parents, brave enough to talk to my family (esp my dad) and a God-fearing man."
We all know this girl is worthy of the title, but does she think she really deserved it? "I think I have all the qualities being the Beauty Queen of our very own school SAIS that our judges were looking for. Though, all of the candidates that night have different aspects of being beautiful."
Did she foresee her winning? "I have already anticipated of my winning because I already asked from our Almighty Father. It was a short preparation but I placed all my effort with no reservation and I was pretty sure God will do the rest for

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