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Planet Earth has everything to offer. Beauty with no bounds and limits which man finds pleasure. Beauty that will never fade if man will just care. Beauty that is unique among all. So hold on tight as I take you to the wonders of the world. A dream of satisfaction. First destination is Paris, France. City of love, World's finest place for fashion and a rich country in terms of literary. People tend to visit this country for its lovely environment which blends with their culture. Their buildings and monuments were built with stories to tell. One of its famous landmarks is the Eiffel tower which is considered as the most-visited monument in the world with 6.98 million people in 2011. It takes 1,665 steps for you to reach the top of it. Quite tiring, right? During night, 20,000 light bulbs glows and stuns millions of tourist visiting France and undeniably we can say that Eiffel's shape is one of a kind. Mayan Rivera, Mexico…show more content…
A tropical country which perfectly suits for a summer vacation. The heat under the sun won't actually bother you for this archipelago of 7,107 islands would totally give you a refreshing and fun experience that is worth remembering for. El Nido, Palawan and known as "Philippines' Last Frontier" is considered as one the most popular tourist destination of the country. Here you can see the towering marble cliffs, enchanted lagoons and white sand beaches. A beautiful place to stay and a beautiful habitat for marine animals. It also has 3 major marine habitats and you can witness with your own eyes 6 species of marine animals which are endemic to Palawan, 4 species of endangered marine turtles, 100 species of corals and 813 species of fish. You can also do Sea kayaking on the clear waters of their lagoon, scuba diving of their deep blue sea, Island hopping to the hidden beauties of their main attractions and many more. Money spent is all well

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