Tell Me About Myself Essay

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About myself, today I will begin to tell you about myself. I Patricia Guzman am an outgoing young woman who has very much potential. I always strive for things I want, and wish to achieve. There isn’t a thing that can stop me, or across my way from me bettering myself or reaching goals I didn’t think I could. I pace myself to become the best in which I can think of myself. First of all to begin off with in this essay is always be the best in all that you do. Weather it is something you believe you cannot accomplish or something that seems to be extra difficult for you, or even take a while in. Never let anyone or anything bring you down mentally, as well as physically. Let every day be a challenge for you. I will tell you today in this essay where my decision to begin my goals in pursuing my journey in completing my Penn Foster High School diploma. It was something that took a bunch of thought. It was…show more content…
During my younger days I wouldn’t have believed in myself the way that I do now. Before, I was in denial of my own self accomplishments. You tend to grow older and wiser. You begin to see in yourself that not only are you capable of mastering any obstacle that is put in your path, but you are certainly capable of challenging yourself. I used to tell myself, ‘Oh, no, this subject is going to be too hard or rough for you to handle, I am not sure I can do this all alone.’ Without believing in myself, the younger me wouldn’t have even attempted the duty that was in front of me. I later then sat and gathered my thoughts for a while. I looked back or into the mirror staring at my reflection, and then said, ‘Don’t be silly, your brain is meant for so much more than just anything ordinary, you are successful.’ ‘ You’re going to go very far into places that you didn’t believe you would ever be able to
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