How To Reduce Overpopulation

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We are all scared of something. Some of us are scared of spiders and snakes while others are scared or tornadoes or tsunamis. These are conscious fears that we all have but one thing that we all fear but probably do not realize it is someone else taking what we have. We are scared of allowing new people in and giving them a chance to challenge our old ways. Yes, I am talking about immigration and there are a lot of fears that we have about immigration but i want to focus on only one. Overpopulation due to immigration has risen a lot and continues to rise. Overpopulation poses many threats to the humans on this planet. It doesn't just affect humans however, overpopulation poses a threat to nature as well. One of the broader problems overpopulation…show more content…
One will argue that we should solve overpopulation by not allowing any more people into the United States however, if we stopped letting others in then where will people with great ideas go to too express themselves and get noticed? By allowing immigrants into the United States we give them an opportunity to show their skills and abilities on a bigger platform. There have been successful immigrants such as Albert Einstein who originally was in Germany and moved through four different countries before coming to the United States and being recognized as a genius. Another immigrants who made an impact on the world is Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. Another is Dikembe Mutombo, retired NBA player who played 18 seasons in the NBA and after his retirement he opened a hospital named after his mother. That hospital is the first modern medical facility that region (Congo) has had in almost 40 years (Fleischner). The list goes on but the point is there are smart people outside of the United States and if we do not give them a chance then the world will miss out on great inventions and

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