Speech About Prostitution

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Our body is a temple of God that we should take care of. In our modern society many people used their body to earn money. Prostitution is said to be one of the oldest professions in the world. It is known to be having sexual intercourse without the consent of marriage or legit authority. In our generation today, our nation expects every citizen to contribute on the total welfare, does prostitution really help? Should it be the time that prostitution will be legalized? Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. Nowadays, people especially teenagers enters on the illegal doing because of scarcity. In the essence of having money for your own or your family, Would you take risk by all…show more content…
The life of a young woman working as cashier in a beach resort ends at the hands of a drug-crazed man during the wee hours of Friday morning in barangay Danao, Panglao. The lifeless half-naked body of 20-year old Josephine Micla Satore, who worked as a bar cashier in Bohol Divers Resort, bore multiple stab wounds and bruises from repeated beating while her eyes were poked with barbecue stick as tree branches were jabbed in her mouth and genitals. Erwin Escomo, 22, a native of North Cotabato and a security guard of Gods will Security Agency deployed at the said resort, confessed to the brutal crime after police nabbed him Friday morning following tips from witnesses who said they last saw the victim with the suspect. Escomo told police investigators he and the victim were on their way back to the resort at around 4 a.m. from a party with friends at a disco bar in barangay Tawala, Panglao when he dragged Satore to a secluded area just a few meters from the resort entrance gate and carried out the brutal crime. The suspect, now detained in Camp Dagohoy this city, disclosed that the victim asked to go with him back to the resort after the disco with friends and fellow employees of Bohol Divers. The two took a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) and got off at the road intersection going to the resort and proceeded to go on foot. Based on the suspect’s account, who admitted he was high on drugs having two “pot sessions” with friends that day, while he and Satore were walking he asked the latter to have sex with him but the latter refused. After repeatedly rebuffing his advances, the suspect said he punched Satore in her stomach, briefly lending her unconscious allowing him to drag her to a grassy spot off the road. According to Escomo, after succeeding with his carnal desire, he decided to kill Satore so she could not talk
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