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20 January 2016 Pseudomonas putidu Everyone thinks that bacteria is harmful to us because they usually think that bacteria is like a disease. But actually it is not. Bacteria is helpful to us. Do you like cheese or yogurt? Cheese and yogurt contain bacteria. Today I want to introduce a bacteria which is named “Pseudomonas putidu”. Pseudomonas is a genus which contains more than 40 types of bacteria. It is classified into five groups. One of them is Pseudomonas putidu and the other four are unknown to scientists. Today, I mainly want to talk about Pseudomonas putidu which eat nicotine.

Pseudomonas putidu is a rod-shaped bacteria which was discovered in the mid 1900s. It is an ordinary bacteria which lives in both soil and water all over the
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In additionally, it has an important job that drives the carbon cycle. As you know, nicotine is bad for us. People can 't stop smoking easily.The biggest reason why they cannot stop smoking is because of nicotine. Nicotine consumption causes the HDL concentration levels to go down, thus promoting bad cholesterol which leads to arteriosclerosis and arteriosclerosis which also can cause death.The Scripps Research Institute goal is making a medicine that smokers take after smoking so the medicine can eat the nicotine before the nicotine can reach he brain. Most smoking cessation alternatives are not successful. Prof.Janda has been studying Pseudomonas putidu for 30 years. He discovered that the bacteria Pseudomonas putida depends on an enzyme called “NicA2” to eat nicotine. Nicotine was discovered by biochemical profile. The team test this enzyme to make a therapy which can prevent smoking. On the test they found the instrumental feature. The nicotine can reduce

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