Essay On Discrimination In America

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How have you been? Welcome to this wonderful world! I have wasted my whole day to think the hook just because I want to catch your attention. I know your life may not be easy in this country, what hardships you are going through now, all I was experiencing throughout my life. I would like to tell you America is a beautiful, democratic and educated country, that’s why I moved here before you born. But unfortunately I need to tell you one thing about race, racism problem has existed in this country since long time ago, people still discriminated by race. There are many races are affected by discrimination, Chinese is one of the race gets discriminated, and the race subject to the most serious discrimination in America is black people. I have…show more content…
Here is the thing that I need to restate. You are so lucky to live in California because there is a particular opportunity to grow up and educated here, it is not a chance for everyone. Even though we know the country has existed racism for a long period, it is still a better place to learn and live, at least better than China. It’s time to tell you what my life like when I was living in China. I was living in 300 sq ft house and breathing toxic air for 18 years, I know you can’t imagine this life because you were born in the big house and fresh air. Moreover, we know many races are suffering from discrimination, but I think there are two ways that can help us to live in a better future. Media can raise awareness of racism and correct racist thoughts, media is the most effective way to spread the message because media is everywhere around people and people believe it. And the true cure for racism is through education for our new generations, education is key to cure racism because like I said no one is born racist, the education decides what kind of person you will be. Also, I would like to say California is heading towards the right direction, I seldom see racist in California, I think the reason is there are a lot of people from different races,
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