Speech About Reputation In Othello

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In Othello, we see how reputation is an important part of how people see Othello. After Othello slaps Desdemona we see how Lodovico doesn’t believe that Othello is the general everyone in Venice knows and respects. This is also shown on why you should care about reputation because someone may respect you but others might not. It can also show you what people may not like about you or why they like you. Reputation is a key to understand yourself too. Knowing your reputation can many traits you never thought you had at first. This project helped me know about myself and how I perceive myself. The songs that I chose shows who I am as a person . All the songs are different genres and have a different vibe to it. It also showed me that I’m a person…show more content…
The song “Love Is Not Over” reminds me of Othello because it talks about a relationship that has gone to ruin. This song is a perfect reflection of the relationship of Othello and Desdemona because it’s a relationship that was at first happy but ended up being ruined. The lyrics, “why are you getting farther away? So far that I can’t reach you? Tell me why, you’re so far away, why can’t you see me in your eyes anymore?” Which can relate to the theme of betrayal or heartbreak? It can relate to the theme of betrayal because it talks about how the person can’t see them anymore which can relate to falling in love with someone. The song “Journey to the West” because reminds me of everything about Othello because it starts off with a slow beat but then when it keeps progressing it turns more into a fast and excited and then back to slow which is exactly the story of Othello. Othello starts with giving us the issues at hand and makes the whole plot moving. Then when we hit Cyprus the whole plot begins with the cheating and it becomes more interesting and then back to being to be slow because everything is over. I also chose “Institutionalized” because it talks about being a minority and the struggle with that. I thought this would fit best with Othello because Othello himself is an outsider in Venice despite being respected in the play. I also chose “Miss Right” to represent Cassio because it’s a song that has a flirty tone to the song. I chose “Dark Day” for Iago because as the song says Iago is a dark character and brings destruction everywhere. For Othello, I chose “The Dragon Boy” because it’s a very tense and fast song and that kind of description reminds me of Othello. For Desdemona, I chose “Palette” because it’s a very soft song and the perfect type for
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