Speech About Riding A Bike

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Riding a bike with enthusiasm is one of the most fun things you can do as a young adult. But, like so many experiences, it can be dangerous as hell. The road is not a friendly place and it seems to have a special thing against bikers. So, you must know what you're doing to be a biker. Many years back, as a young rider, I participated in a Harley Riders Tour and the experience was big. We were a relatively small pack of young enthusiastic riders with a few older experienced Harley riders. I met Greg, a leader and father, who taught me what I know about a motorcycle rider's safety. Here are 10 tips that helped me and, will help you keep safe while riding on your bike. #1. Always wear a helmet Don't be nonchalant; wear a helmet. You may never need it yes, but when you do,…show more content…
Act like commuter drivers doesn't have mirrors When riding, you need to constantly be on your guard. Act as if every commuter around you can only see straight ahead. So, maintain proper spacing, expect everyone can unexpectedly change lanes and avoid blind spots. Practice these and you will always be safe while riding your bike. #10. Roll Into It Know your limits. Keeping things smooth is a predominant key to riding safely. Never tear open the throttle and never slam the brakes. Always keep you and the bike balanced. Don't drive out of your neighborhood when you are yet to get your license. Know your limits and stay within them. Safety is highest priority of any biker, even Harley Bikers. In all, never stop learning. Every ride is an opportunity to improve, refine and develop your skills. If you are a young rider, find a friend who rides and ride along. One of the best ways to learn riding safely and improve is by observing more experienced riders and how they handle themselves. Every rider should take pride in helping in new members to the club that is motorcycling and, ensure they know these important tips so they can experience the time of their lives and maintain doing so for years to
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