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Rohingya is an ethnic group and majority of them are Muslims. After 1962 military overthrow in Myanmar, rules and laws have changed drastically where the Rohingya were only given foreign identity cards for each of them instead of national registration cards. This card limits the jobs, educational opportunities and other rights they could pursue and obtain as a citizen. However, things got worse in 1982 when a new citizenship law was passed through the parliament. This time, the Rohingya have been denied citizenship which makes them stateless and unwelcomed to their own country. They have lived for generations in Myanmar but never being considered as one of the country’s official ethnic groups. They are facing oppression, violence, persecution and they are not even allowed to leave the country without permission. These cause many Rohingya fled to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh either by boat or land. Even though they have to go through a dangerous journey such as crossing the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea by boat, they are still willing to come and risk their lives due to the persecution. The following explanations are about one of the Rohingya who is currently living in Malaysia. Can you share some information about yourself? My name is Romana and I am from Burma. I first came to Malaysia together with my family when I was five years old. As far as I remember, we came to Malaysia on a big boat and it took us approximately a month to

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