Speech About School Stupidity

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School Stupidity “Knowledge will get you from A-Z; Imagination will get you everywhere”. This extraordinary saying has been verbalized by the great Albert Einstein. It reveals the true nature of schools. To be specific, school rules. These are the treacherous and absurd regulations that have been imposed to restrict us of our ability to allow our already diminutive imaginations to soar. The reasoning behind the use of school rules is that much as important as the reasoning behind not using some of them at all. Rules are rules and will always be rules. They are there for our own safety and are meant to educate us. They keep us within the boundaries of our mind and deprive us of our ability to think outside of the box. The box that has been sealed by those who are ludicrous enough to believe that there is no need for such things. These people are the teachers, the principals, the school administrators. All of these rules are being imposed by people with power, people who have control over us and cannot be retaliated against. But throughout the years, the logic behind these rules are becoming something that is not much logic at all, but more so an excuse to lock us away and keep our freedom at the utter most minimum caliber as possible. This is the truth behind the rules and this is what will free us of incompetence to live in our world knowing there is freedom, knowing we will not and cannot be locked away in a world in which there is nothing but rules.

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