Persuasive Essay On School Stupidity

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School Stupidity

“Knowledge will get you from A-Z; Imagination will get you everywhere”. This extraordinary saying has been verbalized by the great Albert Einstein. It reveals the true nature of schools. To be specific, school rules. These are the treacherous and absurd regulations that have been imposed to restrict us of our ability to allow our already diminutive imaginations to soar. The reasoning behind the use of school rules is that much as important as the reasoning behind not using some of them at all. Rules are rules and will always be rules. They are there for our own safety and are meant to educate us. They keep us within the boundaries of our mind and deprive us of our ability to think outside of the box. The box
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The reasoning behind this persuasive letter is to let you be aware of the stupidity of some of these rules and how they are shaping our future, but that does not state that these regulations are always of harm to us. If we were to not have school rules, then there would be chaos. Proper school discipline would be something of the past, something that won 't even exist. Most kids wouldn’t even notice or accept the teacher. There would be fighting, injuries; lack of knowledge, there would be no need of school. Without some rules, education as we know it will crumble at our feet and be washed away just like the rules that had never existed. Rules are meant to keep us within a border. The outside is where the people that have no need for life and education live, and the inside is for those who have crave for knowledge and are aware of the advantages of being educated. If there were no rules in school, how would we act when we grow up. We wouldn 't have to listen to anyone because we never did in school. Though rules may sometimes bind us of our independence, and altogether disregard the way us kids think and need so we may stay sane, but they can also give us knowledge and keep us
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