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As I sit here and try to think of my past science experiences most of my experiences were joyful, but only one situation caused me to start disliking science and this happened to be in high school. I would like to start off by talking about elementary school first though. In elementary school from what I recall I enjoyed science, but it wasn’t my favorite subject. I had partaken in the science fair and placed in all of them, and my 4th grade year won with my popcorn kernel project! I enjoyed the experiments we did and the fun field trips we got to take. I remember dissecting owl poop and thinking how disgustingly cool it was. I also enjoyed our field trips we took to Fort Fisher Aquarium and Masonboro Island. My favorite trip was going to Masonboro Island! I can remember getting to ride on a boat for the first time and, even though I got sea sick, I didn’t let that stop me. We got to fish on the boat in the Cape Fear River for a few hours and after that, we went to Masonboro Island to find crabs and different types of sea plants and animals. I remember running up and down the beach chasing after crabs, trying to catch fish with my net, and jotting down the different types of shells and plants I saw. I got to experience this field trip twice and was so excited to go both times. Other than my field trips I don’t remember my science classes very well or what I learned in them. In Middle School, I remember not hating science, but not enjoying it either. I had an 8th grade
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