Speech About Self Love

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Self-love is the foundation to all success. Whether you desire to have a loving relationship, good health or more abundance it all begins with how really you feel about you. Self-love and acceptance are essential to improve your way of life. You cannot find true and everlasting love and happiness without learning to love you first. I’m not talking about an egotistical way of loving you but rather a nurturing spiritual way. You can become all you want to be by loving you! So celebrate all that you are and know that you deserve all the love, joy and abundance your heart desires and much, much more... “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” ~ Oscar Wilde Learning to love you is highly rewarding. Having self-love will improve all aspects…show more content…
You will feel better about you the moment you start to connect with the truthfulness that is you. Once you finish your list place is where you can read it often to remind yourself how marvelous you really are. 3. Say I LOVE YOU! How often do you tell yourself “I love you”? Have you ever verbally declared your love for you? If not then now is the time. Today each time you look in the mirror say aloud (or to yourself if you’re not alone) “I LOVE YOU!” and as you do look into your eyes as you do. It may seem strange or awkward at first, it was for me; but soon it will become natural to express your love you feel for you. As you go about your daily activities when you see a reflection of yourself in a window or mirror think something kind about yourself, as though you were speaking to your best friend. If you do this often you will soon create a new belief system that supports your hopes and dreams. Proclaim your love for you each new day and soon you will discover that you will naturally become more active and will eat healthier foods because of the reassurance of self-worth that you
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