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Smoking causes 87% of lung cancer and heart attacks, according to the recently researches the smoker life will be shorten by 10 years or more. in fact, most of the people especially smokers know that smoking is coupled with of early death, although they cannot quit smoking easily. Whatever is the reason of starting or leering this bad habit. Smoking can be learned from the parents or one of the family members because they have a very strong influence on the person. Smoking also can be learned from friends who persuade others to smoke. The smoker will face difficulties to kick this bad habit away because of the highly addiction of smoking. The cigarettes contain nicotine which is a very strong kind of drugs causes many types of diseases. The…show more content…
As a result, the smoker will be in a good shape over the years. Smoking is ultimately a choice; the smoker should solely handle his own responsibility to choose whether to continue smoking or quit. The most important step to quit smoking is that the smoker should be very serious and persistent of thinking and applies the steps. Because if the smoker changes his mind after starting the plan of quitting smoking it will affect on his health. The smoker will feel that he cannot handle this issue for an extended period of time, but after that he will adapt on the new living conditions which is clear of…show more content…
When the smoker quit and did the plan of quitting smoking well there is one more step which is to keep it on. After quitting smoking the smoker will feel depressed, lonely, tired. Those sings make us know that the body is getting rid of the tobacco, nicotine etc. these side effects might change the smoker mood for some while, but there one more thing to completely get rid of this habit. Be a positive person, try to forget the bad ideas which is related of smoking. It is very important that the smoker gets enough supports from his family to keep it up. There are more choices the smoker can choose for example; the smoker can join to the groups supporters. Those groups will help and fix the affected psychiatrist of the smoker personality. After that the smoker will adapt on the new lifestyle which means he did the steps successfully. In each and every way to help or cure some people of any diseases, psychological problems etc. is that to cure the mental state of the person. Because the mental state of the person is the main reason of affecting the human body in a bad way if the person is psychologically

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