Speech About Speeding

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The Need for Speed!

Another week has passed and it’s Friday again, I thought to myself, leaving work early that day. For about a month now, I have planned this trip to Denver, to take my daughter Jordynn to her softball tournament. A lot of time and preparation has gone into it, and finally the day has arrived. I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to get home to pick her up and get on the road. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few drinks and snacks, which would come in handy on such a long car ride.
But, unfortunately things played out differently...
It was just after 1pm and I was already running late. I was barreling along Elk Vale Road, heading for the U-turn near the Flying J gas station when out of nowhere, or more
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I’m starting to wonder: Maybe she didn’t see me, maybe something was in her way – but it was clear to me, when she pulls into the fast lane going 25 miles per hour. It’s then, that I realize, that I was at fault, as well. I should have stuck to the speed-limit, which was 35 miles per hour. But I did well under the circumstances; I kept my wits about me; I didn’t over-steer and roll the car.
With 20 yards between you and an almost certain collision, what would you do? Usually I’ll stay cool, calm and collective during a live-threatening situation such as this one. I brake as much as possible and steer into a slide. There’s bound to be a slide…. You just can’t slam on brakes at that speed in an instant, and just stop normally; after all, I took several safety classes and I’m confident with my driving skills. I think of the damage to my car, her car, the other drivers, and hope that we only encounter minimal damage, and that neither of us gets
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One minute she was probably enjoying lunch with her passenger sidekick, and the next she casually pulls into the fast lane of a very busy road and just barely missed what could have been a terrible accident. She looks like a nice-enough person, well-dressed, who drives a nice car which is kept clean as a whistle. Perhaps, the two are talking about the tasty lunch they just had, and how good or bad their work week has been. Or, maybe she had one too many drinks. At the very last second, she pulls her car without even scolding the surrounding traffic into the left lane, that I have been driving in at an accelerated speed. I yank my car over into the empty space that she had just left. My groceries hit the floor with a loud smash, and then we’re off again on our way. Though I’m wearing my seatbelt, I don’t do anything except shake. As I pass her, she looks like she’s smiling, half in apology, half faultless. Just thinking about it now, gets me so upset, that my heart skips a beat, and my head starts smoking like an unloaded gun. After all, I notice that we managed to avoid a terrible
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