Amanda Ripley's Essay About Sports In Schools

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In “School Should Be About Learning, Not Sports,” author Amanda Ripley explains her viewpoint about sports in school. She describes that in school the focus is less on the education and more on the “...pep rallies, booster clubs, trophy cases and cheerleaders decorating football players’ lockers after they fill them with brownies.” She thinks schools spend too much time on sports and less on learning and education. Ripley focuses on how children in school are playing sports that the “majority of kids will never get paid to play” in the future. Essentially, this means the students are wasting their time playing sports because most will never continue to play professionally. Although I can see the point to Ripley’s article, I dislike how she does not mention the opposite side or talk about the good that a child could gain from school sports.
School sports help children find what career they want to pursue, increase their physicality, and promote emotional health. In high schools, there are all sorts of clubs to participate in so that students can figure out their interests. There are academic, athletic, and student government
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Although I was just the manager, I bonded with the team. Everyone involved, including me, could not be failing a class or have less than a 2.0 gpa average in order to attend practices and games. This taught motivation to get school work done and do well in school. Also something that everyone learned was resilience. After tough losses, the team had to screw their heads on straight and work even harder than the previous week. The practices became more focused, longer, and more productive. After great wins the team celebrated but then got back to practice as there was more work to do. There was always something to learn and practice in order to become better. I learned a lot of this just by being there and watching the practices and
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