Speech About Strength In Life

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No one will tell you that life is easy because it is not even close. Everyone you meet has struggled with something. No matter how perfect their life seems. Not every struggle is visible. We have been conditioned to not show weakness. Why is this when every single person on this earth has weakness? I have fought through so many things, but one struggle that really stands out is my first few days of high school. Sometimes your life will be difficult, but life is tough, and everyone is going through something; this doesn’t mean your problems are insignificant, just that it is possible for you to overcome it.
I have lived in the same town all of my life. I attended a small Catholic school less than a mile from the town’s public high school.
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I had worried about this day all summer, playing different scenarios over and over my head like a broken record. I walked in to the lobby; I had expected throngs of people as intimidating as a pack of wolves, but there weren’t that many there at all. I must have looked pretty scared, though, because one of my friends, a sophomore, grabbed me and took me to the locker room to put away my duffel bag for practice later. I then noticed a group of my friends standing together, thanked my “escort”, and joined them. I will never forget this act of kindness because it meant so much to me that…show more content…
I now feel comfortable in my new school. I had to realize that all of the other freshmen were worried about high school, too. We are all so worried about how other people see us that we don’t even have time to think about each other. Yes, it’s hard being a freshman. And yes, it seems like everyone else has everything figured out. But no one does. You think what about those kids with older siblings? Or that popular girl who hangs out with upperclassmen? They are in the exact same position as you. No matter how cool or “street-smart” you seem, your life still isn’t perfect. You still have things to learn and respect to
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