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When I first started surfing 25 years ago I felt I would never learn quick enough. I distinctly remember running wildly to the ocean the first time with my new (really quite used) surfboard thinking I was going to start shredding those waves almost instantly. As I quickly found out learning to surf was not as easy as those guys hanging ten made it look. Surfing is a sport that has mass appeal, but many quit before the ever really get started. I have put together three easy lessons that should make your first paddle out, or maybe your second attempt out, much easier.

1st Lesson- Board Positioning

A common mistake that I see a lot of beginners do is lay on top of their board either too far back or to far forward. It really is a subtle balancing act when you lay on your surfboard. If you are too far up on the board you will pearl the nose under water and possibly end up sliding off across the front of the board. What 's far more common is for newbies to position themselves too far back which allows them to paddle in the water okay, but they will never catch a wave and the board will end up getting away from them. The ideal spot to lay on the board for paddling and catching waves is just far enough up from the center so that you can arch your back a little as you paddle and the nose stays just a couple inches at the most out of the water. It really is just a matter of feeling your balance and paying attention to how you body shifts weight on your surfboard.

2nd Lesson-
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