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Good morning to my beloved (lecturer) and my fellow friend, when I’m mentioning the teenagers, what is your first thought about them? Is it money, freedom, diet, travel, hang out and so on? Nowadays, teenagers have changed a lot compared to teens in the past such as their eating habit, spending free time and clothes. Ordinarily, all people have to go through the ‘teenage years’, maybe some of us have already passed this stage while someone else is still struggling to pass this ‘teenage stage’ and some other are still dreaming about the time when all of us will finally grow up. Today, the teenager is “an innovation era”. For teens in this innovation era, technology like the internet, music, video games, movies, and television become a must and it’s sometimes is a compulsory thingy to have. We as a teenager wants to invest our free time in front of a computer rather than go outside the door and do the outdoor activities. As we all know that video games can transfer us into another world which is it doesn’t even exist. As a teenager, we have to explore the world. Explore another experience which will give us lots of benefits because we only live once in a lifetime, there’s no such a word like a second chance in life. Do what we want, do what we really need because it is an opportunity that maybe other people doesn’t have it. For instances, me as a teenager I like music a lot, I’d like to be a musician one day but I don’t know how to play guitar but I really want to try to

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