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Good morning to my beloved (lecturer) and my fellow friend, when I’m mentioning the teenagers, what is your first thought about them? Is it money, freedom, diet, travel, hang out and so on? Nowadays, teenagers have changed a lot compared to teens in the past such as their eating habit, spending free time and clothes. Ordinarily, all people have to go through the ‘teenage years’, maybe some of us have already passed this stage while someone else is still struggling to pass this ‘teenage stage’ and some other are still dreaming about the time when all of us will finally grow up. Today, the teenager is “an innovation era”. For teens in this innovation era, technology like the internet, music, video games, movies, and television become a must and…show more content…
They have helped you to get where we are today. All in I think that no matter what we are doing as a teenager, we are going to be presented with peer pressure, keep a positive attitude. No matter what the issues, it is always easier to deal with it if our attitude is optimistic and positive. Being a teenager we are allowed to make a lot of mistakes because during in the teenage years this is the moment we learned and gained lots of experienced for us to take and implement in our adulthood. Being a teenager is harder than some can imagine harder than some can remember. There’ll be a year that we will never forget, we seem to last forever but when we looked at it back we went by so fast. Being a teenager, we’ll fall in love too fast and too hard. A year when we have a million questions that will never be answered. It is something that we cannot describe unless we are living at it now. Everyone have their toughest times, everyone went through something but being a teenager means we felt everything at once. We are lonely, we are miserable, we are the best, amazing and fantastic. Because this is the only chance, the one time that we will be young and free and careless as teenagers usually are. I think I’m going to end this

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