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Kristina The Hideaway Beach House

Welcome to the world of breath-taking beauty of nature intertwined with an ideal hideaway created primarily for nature-loving persons, outdoor-going type family-oriented men and women who desire to unwind after an honest day’s work in the office.

Welcome to KRISTINA THE HIDEAWAY BEACH HOUSE, strategically situated in Brgy. Sawang, Lobo, Batangas, just a two and a half hours drive from Manila on sunny clear sky day.

Do you want to experience true-to-life treat when it comes to rest and relaxation after grappling with the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane?

Or Perhaps you are one of the city executives, career-oriented professionals wishing to find solace and serenity in a surreal vacation spot after a hectic busy day as you are confronted with myriad of challenges in your highly urbanized lifestyles?

Maybe you are simply one of the millions of nature lovers, outdoor-going kind of entrepreneurs or celebrities in your own right, struggling to create a memorable bonding time with your wife and children as you decided to take a long overdue sabbatical leave?

If you are someone who aptly fits such profiles then we are offering you a dream-come-true vacation experience. It is a perfect place where you will be to build long-lasting memories as you try to restore the bonds of camaraderie and strong families ties, after seemingly endless periods of hard-fought struggles in the corporate world or in your chosen field of endeavors.

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