Speech Act In The Movie Green Hornet

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This subchapter was aimed at discussing the literary review from the undergraduate thesis and journal. There are several previous studies that related with the topic in this study done by some student of English Department, Faculty of Art and Culture, Udayana University. Therefore this study is conducted in order to give some contributions to finish the analysis.
The first study entitled “Speech Act In The Movie Green Hornet” by Andari (2011). The discussion of this study focused on analyzing speech act components; they are Locutionary act, Illocutionary act, and Perlocutionary act. The theory that is used in this study to analyze the problems is purposed by Austin (cited in Allan, 1986:175). The relation is in part of analyze the component
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Austin defined speech act as what actions we perform when we produce utterance. When the speaker produced an utterance, it means the speaker performing a certain kind of acts such as giving order, asking question, making request or promises. The point of Austin works is in the performative verbs. As the result, the act intended can be seen through the verb of situation in which these verbs are used. Speech act is no longer focused on the sentence but the issuing of an utterance in a speech situation.
Searle (1969) state that speaking a language is engaging in a role governed from behavior. In book “Speech Act: An Essay in The Philosophy of Language” (1969) also state that speaking a language is also performing speech act, such as making a statement, giving command, asking question, asking promises, and so on and abstractly, acts such as referring and predicting. In the beginning, concept of speech act according to Austin and Searle have explained. The definition about speech act is also given by other experts who concern at this branch of science. From Yule (1996: 47)., he said that speech act is actions performed via utterance Furthermore, Parker (1986: 14) defined speech act as every utterance of speech act constitutes some sort of fact. In addition, Mey (1994: 111) viewed that speech act are actions happening in the world, that is, they bring about a change in the existing state of fairs.
2.2.2 Illocutionary
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