Hate Speech Debate

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Hate Speech: The World Debate of Love and Hate Hate speech: “Speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability” ( The definition of hate speech clearly outlines how brutal words can be. A definition should never include putting people down for something they have no control over like race, gender, or disability. Haters who make hateful statements about these people or groups have something completely wrong with them and it is up to the government to take charge and stop these insane people. Hate speech is a rising topic up for debate for many different reasons, good and bad. Several people around…show more content…
Many hate speech supporters argue that, “The first amendment remains the single most powerful instrument for protecting the sacred freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition for modern Americans”(2) as stated in the article, “How First Amendment Rights Evolved”. Multiple people believe that taking away a law that has been critical to our society for so long would be a change that people could not handle. Our country has not experienced change in major laws very often so that is why many people do not want hate speech to be banned. However, our country needs change and not protecting hate speech is a change in the right direction for a better society. Perez proves, “If words can cause stress, and if stress can cause physical harm, then certain types of speech can be a form of violence” (Perez 2). Taking away a law that causes a great deal of stress to multiple groups and races would be a better solution than continuing to let so many people get beaten down by others hateful remarks. Another reason people might dispute over hate speech is that banning hate speech would encourage more government involvement to stop people from breaking the rules or saying something that is not allowed. When people’s right of hateful speech is taken away, it would take a tremendous…show more content…
Those examples can be fixed with time, what can not be fixed with time is people 's emotional state and the reputation our country has built for themselves. If hate speech is banned from the U.S constitution people over time will adjust and it will allow for others affected to finally breath, live a normal life, and no longer be pressured by community members hateful remarks. Hate speech should no longer be protected by the U.S constitution because hate speech in itself promotes hateful actions and expressions, the negative effects hate speech has on people is widespread and laws around the world have proven effective to limit internet-based hate speech. The banning of hate speech is extremely important for the future of our country and the people living long after this current generation passes. The more people promote hate speech the further our country gets from being a peaceful, and loveable place to live and grow up. The government needs to put an end to hate speech now so when people have children they grow up learning how not to be hateful, and how to be kind to anyone no matter their race, gender, or disability. If every generation from now on grew up with hate speech being a thing of the past, just stop and think what a better all around country it would be with less hate and more
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