Speech Against Racism

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“You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.” Naturally, societies don’t tend to understand change, and it scares them. Similar people in majority have their own principals, and when someone different interferes, they simply try to push it out. These people think that the minorities are their inferior. This belief is known as racism. Racism is one of the most deepest, darkest and disgusting social issues of the world, existing throughout the history of mankind. It is a social construct created by humans to categorise the world. Racism is learned, we are not born with it. The most traditional form of this is discrimination based on one’s skin colour. The main cause of world-wide racism is the European colonisation of the world.…show more content…
Although the Indian Constitution prohibits such types of discriminatory practices, it is still carried out in large. The lowest caste, namely Dalits, are considered as ‘untouchables’. They are forced to work in the harshest of conditions, tortured, raped and killed; just because they are the lowest caste. Even though BJP, the ruling party, promised to put an end to this inhumane tradition, nothing has been done so far despite the Dalit community’s regular protests with the support of human rights activists. Some of these incidents make it to the almighty media, but imagine those that don’t. Other then race or caste, other forms of discriminations are also quite common, such as calling out names based on physical features like height and weight, also known as individual racism. In general, it may seem easier to recognise individual acts of racism; a slur made, a person ignored in a work or social setting, or an act of violence. However individual racism, like other forms of racism, is not created in a vacuum, but instead emerges from a society’s social beliefs and ‘ways’ of doing

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