Speech Against Spanish Armada Analysis

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The Speech Against the Spanish Armada is also known as the Speech to the troops at Tilbury. It is a political and historical narrative text.
This extract comes from a letter by Dr Leonel Sharp to the Duke of Buckingham after 1623, it was published later in Cabala, Mysteries of State in 1654. In his letter he describes the events as an eyewitness and reproduces the Queen´s speech. After her leave, he was ordered to redeliver the speech to the rest of the army.
Lionel Sharp (1559-1631) was a churchman and a courtier, chaplain to the duke of Buckingham, he became an Archdeacon of Berkshire in 1605. It is plausible to think that due to his own beliefs, he might have altered the speech so it sounded like it was a divine intervention (of a protestant
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She knew that “if, at the end of the day, it was impossible to be both a wife and a Queen - then Elizabeth would always choose to be a Queen.” (Loades, p. 212) that could be why she never got married. However, the reasons were both personal and political.
At the end of the speech, she entrusts the command of the battle in her “lieutenant general”, Robert Dudley. She believes that he will guide them into victory and so they should follow him.
Nevertheless, some historians question whether Elizabeth really went to cheer her troops at Tilbury or not and whether she made the speech. It is possible that the speech was created after the events.
As far as I am concerned, Queen Elizabeth I was a great sovereign and an inspiring woman. She knew how to take advantage of her feminine charms and her wits, she knew what to do in order to control the men. She mastered the double game and appearance of a fragile woman, when in fact she was one of the strongest sovereigns of England. With this speech she achieves her goal to inspire and encourage her troops. After the fiasco of the Catholic crusade the position of Elizabeth and the Protestant religion
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