Graduation Speech: My Family

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Good morning, Pawel! How are you? It’s so nice day today: the transparently blue sky, the warm sun and a light breeze! It’s splendid in one word! However, as only I have comprehended that it is the 22nd of June my easy joyful mood has turned into rather serious and sad. It was the same bright summer day 75 years ago. Great honour to selfless people who fought against fascism and gave us the chance to appear in this world! Speaking of my family, my granny Lidia (my father’s mother) had seven younger brothers, and five from them fallen fighting in the Red Army protecting the motherland during the Second Patriotic War. Granny’s first husband was a village teacher, so he went to the war in the first rows. He got shell-shocked, but he returned…show more content…
He gave birth to three sons being married him. The oldest is my father, Yuri. Grandpa Grisha worked as an engineer at a plant in the rear. My mother’s father named Sasha worked in a village during the war. That was the war too since the people in the country side sacrificed everything to provide the army and the rest of country with food. To sum up these family memories, I know my grandfathers and granny Lida’s brothers only by stories I have heard from her and other relatives in my childhood. We, my sister and I, have never met them alive even when we were very little. Nevertheless, I have comprehended very clear through my entire life that if not my granddads selfless actions we would never have a chance to be born. Please write me in reply about your family in the years of the Second World War. What have you heard from your grandparents about it? Well, you know, I have repeatedly come back to this letter, which I started in the morning, through my day today during the breaks between my lessons and other affairs. I am eventually finishing it only now, in the evening, when this day is
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