Speech Essay: Talking To Women Like A Charmer

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Talking To Women Like A Charmer | Pick Up Lines | Pick Up Lines To Use On GilrsDo you want to know the secret to talking to women?Don’t you find it strange sometimes?Even though men have no problems talking to their friends, they often find it difficult to start a conversation with girls, especially when they are facing a beautiful woman whom they are interested in.Usually, men are tongue tied when they come face to face with the woman they are attracted and they are often lost for words.But I hate to tell you this, that awkward silence is a losing you big points on your part, so you have to make sure that you know how to engage a positive and worthwhile conversation if you want to impress her. Below are suggestions on how to talk to a woman…show more content…
Make sure to tell her something interesting based on her answers and make comments that she cares about.Chicks dig bad boys! Avoid overly too nice because it will not build attraction for you. In the same instance, do not agree with everything she says just to please her, but freely express your views and opinions. If you are man enough to do this you won’t be seen as a spineless chump. Pepper in humour when you disagree with her, for example: “I’m sorry, I can’t believe you like XYZ, I’m sorry, we just cannot be friends anymore”. That’s funny and pushes her away and she knows it.Be playful and flirt with her ALL THE TIME. Make sure to keep the conversation light and playful. Do not be afraid to tease and to challenge her playfully. In fact do this as much as you can. If she does something stupid, tease her. If she doesn’t do anything stupid, tease her until she does, then tease her for doing something stupid after. If she asks you to buy her a drink (like an alcoholic one), playfully agree and then get her a glass of water instead and say “oh I thought you wanted water” then just as she starts to get a bit annoyed, switch your cups so you take the water and say “I got you didn’t I, CHILL, I’m just
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