Personal Essay: Why I Became Mayor

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Why I Want to Became Mayor

It is with great pleasure that I stand here among you. I would like to start by thanking you all for coming here on this decisive day for our city. I wouldn’t be here in front of you if it wasn’t for all your collaboration towards my campaign and support to my team’s ideas during the past few months. Today, is a vital day for the future of the city of São Paulo. Today is the day in which you will have the opportunity to decide what future you want for our beloved city. In my opinion I see a city with an incredible capability of growth in all aspects. I see a city with no hunger or pain. I see a city which people are glad to call home. I see a city that can overcome all others around the globe. I see a city with boundless horizon. But the reason I am saying all of this, is because I want to step forward, I want to improve our home, I want to help this wonderful city achieve its maximum potential. But I can’t do it on my own. I need each one of you to do not only your best, but what is required for us to accomplish this goal, for us, to rebuild our city. I need each one of you to do your best at your job, no matter what you work with. You can be a garbageman
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50% of the teachers in our country aren’t qualified, it means that we have around 280 thousand teachers teaching without proper graduation. How can we expect to have excellent professionals if we can’t create them? How do we expect to have compassion people if we can’t teach them how to love the next? How do expect people to improve our city if we can’t teach them how to improve their own life? These are unacceptable problems that if I became mayor I assure you that you won’t hear about them now, or in ten years, even in a century. As mayor I will improve the teaching quality on both public and private school, so the next teachers will have more knowledge to pass to their
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