Speech For All Colored Person Analysis

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To you my people I am here today to give a speech that I have prepared for today for you. The way to improve life hear for all colored people is to educate yourself so that you always have options. But unfortunately times are truly hard for all colored people in the United States because we the colored people of the United States are seen as less than any other white person solely based on the color of our skin and not based on our character. This is truly wrong because no one person should be treated like this. But as I have previously stated early in my speech we must educate ourselves so that ultimately we can better ourselves which should be the ultimate goal for all people in this story that we all have a key role in which we call life.
The only way to change the life of every person who is colored is to educate ourselves so we can put one of our own people into the politics of the country that we were forcefully brought to as cargo for self interest reasons of a few men who wanted
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When Booker T. Washington stated this I felt that he meant that the colored community has everything they need to be happy but when Booker T. Washington stated this he did not understand that the black community of the south are suffering. They don 't just want happiness but they want to be treated just like the white community because they are treated how the black community wants to be treated. The black community is a great example of inequality in the United States because the black community for many years has been mistreated because the color of there skin. The only way for the black community to be heard and to have a voice is to have a person probably black so that they know the problems that the black community deals with for example the laws that prohibit colored people from doing many different things such as not being allowed to use the same bathrooms as a white person, using the same drinking fountain, or even being able to just simply purchase a massive piece of
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