Speech For Marilyn Monroe

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Can you imagine being raped by your mother’s friend’s husband at the age of nine? How about changing your home 7 times in 16 years? While we were playing with our toys, Marilyn Monroe saw her mother going mad. She was raped at the age of nine while we were learning to read. In spite of all these things, Monroe became a sex symbol, model, singer, and actress. In addition, she is still known as the sexiest woman in the world. Marilyn lived through difficult things during her childhood such as being raped lots of times, maddening of her mother, poverty, living in an orphanage, and more. However, these difficulties couldn’t prevent her to be famous, and impress even women with her beauty, talent, and success. This is why she should be honoured with the ACI Lifetime Achievement Award. Norma Jeane Mortenson was born on 1st June 1926, at General Hospital, Los Angeles(LA). Because of her mother’s, Gladys Baker’s, schizophrenia illness, Gladys was taken to an institution in 1935. That’s why she entered an orphanage in LA on 13 September 1935. Then, her mother bought a house, and she lived with her again. However, Gladys went mad worse, and lost her sanity completely. After that, she moved to her mother’s best friend, Grace McKee. Unfortunately, Grace married Ervin Silliman who didn’t want her at home, and she was sent to the orphanage again. 2 years later, Grace took Norma from the orphanage, and Norma lived with them for a while. At the age of nine, she was raped by the husband of
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