A Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr. Sexton's Speech

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Being an international student, I got the chance to attend the speech delivered by Dr. Sexton on the topic of the importance and outcomes of the studying abroad as well as the costs related to it. Education is an integral part for the success of any country. Thus, all countries strive to implement better educational infrastructure to move towards improved growth and awareness in their nations. By narrating the student-life experience by Mr Sexton, he made us believed that studying abroad is always a golden opportunity. It lets the international students learn about a completely new culture which provides them with better vision, understanding and the knowledge. I was in Juniper Hall 111 when attending the event. The physical setting of the speech hall influences speaker’s communication behavior. That is why it is important to know about physical setting of speech hall. The speech was…show more content…
Dr. Sexton is similar to an expert artist, who gives different shades to his painting lighter and darker. His language did not comprised of monotonous,his language is combination of energy, vibration, joyfulness, serious, contended, and determined and a tinge of humor too. The effectiveness of speech depends upon loudness of speech. If speech is very good, but still no body could hear it, it is completely useless. Some speakers have such loud or slow voice that even equipment could not control it properly. Although, Juniper Hall was properlyequipped with the loud speakers that could enabled his voice to be heard by all his audience.However, he did not need audio equipment; the reason for this was that room was not so big where voice could not reach at the last audience. Secondly, voice of Dr. Sexton was enough loud and clear that everyone could hear him
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