Rhetorical Analysis Of Opera Winfrey's Speech

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Opera Winfrey is a widely known television and media personality who has the power to influence many people through her words and actions. Oprah had endured substantial amounts of abused during her formative and teenage years, but she obtained an education and eventually a successful due to her strict, disciplinarian father and other supportive people in her life. She was the first African American woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes award ceremony. Her audience consists of many well-known and renowned celerbrities and the general public, including the attendees of the ceremony and those are watching the speech on television worldwide. Although her speech resonates with a diverse audience, the power of her speech lies in her direct appeal to women who have undergone significant hardship and use of powerful rhetorical techniques in order to advocate for women’s empowerment, inspire people to improve the world, and instill a sense of hope for a better future. An important rhetorical technique she uses is repetition of several words and phrases in her speech which express the sentiments of the…show more content…
Specifically, she states that all her interviewees who have gone through horrible time “maintain hope for a brighter morning — even during [their] darkest nights.” (near the end of the video) She conveys this sense of hope to inspire the audience and demonstrate that life is not something that is bad forever and that it can be changed for the better. Oprah, through her appeal to a wide audience and rhetorical techniques inspires the empowerment of women and an anticipation for a brighter future. The conviction in her tone of voice, body language, and diction bolster her cause and motivate her audience to impact society
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