Speech-Language Pathologist Reflective Report

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I really enjoyed Mrs. Hayes questioning and answering panel. I really liked how she gave insight on what is like to be a speech-language pathologist in the school system. It was overwhelming. I can barely handle one client now and she has about 40. I feel that I need to improve my time management and organization. I liked how she thoroughly explained RTI. Previously, I did not really understand this concept. I envisioned RTI as something entirely different. The graph she drew really helped. I am not a fan of some of the aspects of RTI. I did not like how a child needed something other than language RTI to get a full evaluation after a year of RTI. Additionally, I did not realize that every district/state has different rules over RTI requirements. I still am not completely comfortable with RTI. I feel that a lot of my speech therapy knowledge will be learned on the job.…show more content…
She was able to use SALSA to guide meaning making in the classroom. The final product was amazing. I also liked how she was able to manipulate the system to not perform the Dibbles and actually do something with the children that facilitated meaning making. I hope other SLPs use SALSA to their advantage. I feel that as future SLP that I will need to manipulate the system at times. I feel that this could be an interesting yet frustrating challenge. I also liked how Mrs. Hayes brought a list of her favorite books for us to have. This is a valuable resource. There is so much a clinician can do with a book in session. Currently, I have a child fluency client. I am able to utilize books to perform fluency therapy all while working on literacy! My client also loves the change of pace that introducing the book brings. I wish I had asked Mrs. Hayes what she does when she does agree with the opinions of a co-worker, parent, or
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