Speech Language Pathologist Research Paper

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Speech language pathologist asses, diagnoses, treats, and helps people with communication disorder. Speech language pathologist is not only a way to help others with communication disorder but allows you to be involved in a new culture and community. Pursuing this career allows you to explore a different point of view and understand it, This career allows me to help empower, explore a different perception, and be able to impact someone’s life. A speech language pathologist can work in variety of setting, such as education setting, a hospital, a private facility or other health cares. In an educational setting, a person who professes in speech language pathologist will give children speech therapy to help develop their vocal cords and will…show more content…
The working conditions for this profession depends on the type of work environment you choose to work in. In some instance you can work in a group if you research center based on developing different treatment option or work independently whereas you treat a patient’s condition one in hand objective. No matter the work environment you will be required to speak with the patient and family , but it also includes speaking with a variety of other co-workers such as with an audiologist, teachers, physicians, psychologist, counselors, and social workers . In order to succeed you will have to be patient because a cure will not happen overnight but in considerable time process procedure. Most, if not all, the location in which the patient treatment will take place is indoor. These treatments will include privacy for the patient in a facility or in the patient’s home, where they feel more comfortable. Most patient’s choice quiet places. For a speech language pathologist have a flexibility in working hours, it can be from five to even ten hours of work. This profession has different working conditions compassionate, open- minded, flexible, hardworking, and willing to learn from your…show more content…
The typical level of education that most worker need to enter this occupation is master’s degree. You will have to attend college and investing a good amount of time and money into earning an education. In most cases master’s programs do not require you to have a specific undergraduate degree. Depending on the your specific major and career, you’ll take only the prerequisites if you are planning to major, for example teacher, on something else rather than communication disorder. It will take around 4-6 years to complete a major to become a speech language pathologist to get the minimal credentials, master’s degree, to start working. You will have to put many hours into this field of study in order to gain experience and preparation to achieve your future
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