Advocacy In Cambodia

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Advocacy is essential in attaining change in a society. This concept of advocacy might sound complex, but it is simply the public support for a particular cause or policy. Meanwhile, change is an act or process through which something becomes different. In our case, it is the alteration or modification towards a community’s policies and practices or attitude. For an advocacy to be successful, it requires voice, strong civic engagement and persistence from the people. Cambodia unfortunately is lacking that.

Presently, Cambodia is facing many issues, with children’s access to education being one of them. Currently, many Cambodian children face obstacles to attending
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It contains the tagline of “the children need education, not donation”. The postcard also contains contact information and maps to the NGO on the backside. From a design aspect, the open book symbolizes education, and having a picture of a miserable-looking and marginalized kid on one side and a happy and optimistic kid on the other side indicates that education can change a child’s life. Additionally, having a picture in black and white and the other one with color evokes a sense of past and presence, representing transformation. Also, having some texts highlighted indicates a highlighter. Lastly, the use of the color green symbolizes hopefulness and optimism, illustrating that it is possible to cure the current undesirable condition. This postcard is aimed particularly towards travellers around the streets of Phnom Penh. We arrived at the conclusion of creating a postcard to complement our video because it helps add diversity in terms of the target audience. Another reason is that the use of strong photograph and tagline is a simple but strong and sharp way to convey a certain message and convince people. Moreover, with the issue we are focusing on, postcard is definitely more relatable and direct, ensuring that people take action. In terms of the creation process, we utilized Photoshop as our editing software, which after we experimented with for a while, worked pretty well. Also, it is safe to say that our postcard took some inspirations from the already existing products such as the one with kids locked in a glass compartment, with the tagline: “Children are not tourist attractions”. Their product is simple and sharp and is effective in grabbing the audience’s emotions and sending their
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