Alexander The Great: The King Of Macedonia

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The King of Macedonia, Alexander the Great was born on July 356 B.C. in the town of Pella, Macedonia. He is one of the greatest military leaders of the ancient history. He was an extremely successful leader and never lost a defeat in battle. Born to parents King Philip II and Queen Olympia, who was the daughter of King Neoptolemus. With the high qualities of both King Philip and Queen Olympia, Alexander was set for total greatness. He would become a great influence in the ancient world. And his rise to the throne would be one that would be talked about and surely no one would forget. Alexander always knew he was going to do well he believed in being the god given child lead the people of the new empire quoted from ancient.Eu “Alexander was…show more content…
After attacking Gaza, Egypt did not put a fight on and made it easy to conquer. In 331 bc, Alexander created the city of Alexandria. Later that same year Alexander defeated the Persians once again at the battle of Gaugamela. Now with the complete collapse of the Persian army, Alexander became the King of Babylon, King of Asia, and the King of Four Quarters of the World. In 327 bc, Alexander captured Ariamazes fortress. The craziest part about this is after Alexander captured the Prince Oxyartes, he married the prince’s daughter. According to “When Alexander met his future wife Roxanne, it was love at first sight.” In 328 bc Alexander, the great once again defeated another army this time it was an army in the northern india. Alexander was fascinated by Porus, so he reappointed him as king and Porus even won over Alexander’s loyalty. Alexander wanted to continue eastward to the Ganges, but had to head back when his armies refused to continue and turned back. Returning Alexander got injured by the Malli…show more content…
Strived through the ancient world making a name for himself throughout his life. His life was tough and many expected the most of him. He was truly an amazing leader. His unique but incredibly brilliant military strategies were a huge reason for his success. He always knew what he wanted and went for it. In only 13 short years, he made the biggest empire in the ancient world. Raised since young to follow in his father’s steps he grew up fast. He was a significant person known to history because he was a fantastic military leader. His act to history is substantial back then and even today in modern
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