Speech On Alexander The Great

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The King of Macedonia, Alexander the Great was born on July 356 B.C. in the town of Pella, Macedonia. He is one of the greatest military leaders of the ancient history. He was an extremely successful leader and never lost a defeat in battle. Born to parents King Philip II and Queen Olympia, who was the daughter of King Neoptolemus. With the high qualities of both King Philip and Queen Olympia, Alexander was set for total greatness. He would become a great influence in the ancient world. And his rise to the throne would be one that would be talked about and surely no one would forget. Alexander always knew he was going to do well he believed in being the god given child lead the people of the new empire quoted from ancient.Eu “Alexander was born the sixth of Hecatombaeon, which month the Macedonians call Lous, the same day that the temple of Diana at Ephesus was burnt; which Hegesias of Magnesia makes the occasion of a conceit, frigid enough to have stopped the conflagration. The temple, he says, took fire and was burnt while its mistress was absent, assisting at the birth of Alexander. And all the Eastern soothsayers who happened to be then at Ephesus, looking upon the ruin of this temple to be the forerunner of some other calamity, ran about the town, beating their faces, and crying that this day had brought forth something that would prove fatal and destructive to all Asia. (Plutarch, Lives).” Alexander was very mature for his age. Possibly because he was around the
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