Greed Vs Ambition Essay

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Ambition is the driving force of humankind; the goals and dreams that keep society afloat and moving forward despite neverending setbacks. Without ambition, the world would be drastically different. What would motivate one to get out of bed everyday, go to work in a mindless nine to five job, just to keep the family afloat and slowly work towards a dream of creating a company? Life is full of setbacks and people who try to tear down dreams before they can even become reality. Ambition needs to be there to give the final push to never give up fighting for life, hopes and aspirations because what is the point of living a life which does not strive to be better, improve and achieve goals. The fault only lies when one becomes overly ambitious,…show more content…
As true in all aspects of life too much of one thing is bad. Greed and ambition are often confused, but “the difference between greed and ambition may simply be one of emphasis, with greed being reductive and destructive, and ambition expansive and adaptive”(Burton Psychology). Having ambition is good, but what one uses it for will can sour the trait. This a evident especially when desire takes over and the want for something desperately makes one behave out of character. Robbery, illegal organ donations or stealing children are seen all through the country in the news, the corrupt desires met with ambition leading to outrageous out of character behavior. In the film The Pursuit of Happyness, based off the real- life story of Chris Gardner who had been living in poverty, selling bone density scanners daily to support his family, yet still dreaming of a bigger and better life. Being ambitious, he takes on an unpaid internship at a stock broker firm, struggling to manage bills and family, but he still pushes towards his dreams of a better life. This deep desire, however, does lead him to act out of character, at one point even jumping out of a taxi and running away from the driver to avoid paying the taxi bill because he did not have enough money. Ambition can lead to many positive changes in society and negative connotations only occurring when immoral desires take
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