Speech On Animal Extinction

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Stephanie Biskobing
Period 5
English 7, Zaorski
Feature Article Draft

Mass Animal Extinction: Taking Over The World

II. What is mass extinction?
You might ask, what exactly is mass animal extinction? Well, I have the answer for you, mass extinction is the extinction of a large number of species within a relatively short period of time. This recent mass animal extinction is called the sixth mass extinction. Many people believe that humans are the cause of this mass extinction. As well as this one, there has been sixth mass extinctions that scientist know of, but many other smaller ones too. Scientist and conservation David Wilcove states that “there are 14,000 to 35,00 endangered species in the US…” That is far too many in my opinion, and the way that us, humans, are living I’m sure that many of them will be extinct in the near future. People need to start realizing how bad this is becoming and help out the environment, in even a little way, to prevent this from becoming a spiral reaction.
Don’t you just love snow leopards, tigers, elephants, dolphins, and pandas? Well, guess what, they are one of a few species that are most at risk of extinction in the recent years. Some more animals that are about to go extinct are the rhino, tuna, porpoise, gorilla, orangutan, turtle, penguin, jaguar, wolf, and many more. They are all endangered species in the sixth mass extinction and could go extinct any day now if we don’t take care of them. If you feel bad, well think about
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