Speech On Bad Eating Habits

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Everyone have a bad eating habit, no one is perfect and food is most of time people’s comfort zone. There are some people who cannot function without having a heavy breakfast, there are some people who can't sleep without having a full stomach, there are some people who can't last a day without eating some chocolate. That makes us humans, even if you are a health geek or a vegan, that doesn't make you a perfect person or it wouldn't really keep you away from being sick, everything happens for a reason. If you die from chugging too much beer, then that means it is your time. If you're a health buff who eats healthy all the time and works out everyday but you got hit by a car and died, that just means it is your time. So don't judge people by what their lifestyle is, everyone is different. However, it would totally benefit your health if you try to stop your bad eating habit. In denial? He e are some of the bad eating habits you may not your you're already doing and how to stop it.…show more content…
Most especially if what you are eating is totally unhealthy. Eating right before bed time can cause gain weight because the food that you eat does not burn anymore so the calories get stuck in your body that makes you gain weight. You are also most likely to have acid reflux because when you lay down with a full stomach, the acid from it splashes back up into your throat. This will totally get worse if you eat fatty and heavy meals during the night like rice, pizza, pasta, hamburgers etc.

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