Speech On Birthday Pranks

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Birthday prank ideas are really fun to play with especially if you really like this someone and have a great sense of humor. Pranks can turn a boring day into hilarious, unforgettable, and a memorable one. No birthday is complete without a few surprises, right? It is sure that your friend will remember your pranks and gifts if it is executed well. Be sure that you are doing these birthday pranks because he is your friend, otherwise, it will take the fun out of the prank. These pranks will not just make them happy but the memories will be etched in their minds forever. Unleash the prankster in you even just for a day and play the amazingly funny prank on your friend. To make your life easier here is a list of 10 best birthday pranks to play on your unsuspecting victim. 1. After the birthday celebrant goes to sleep the night before his birthday, reset all the clocks two hours advanced. He will panic as soon as he realizes that he got up late. Fix him a nice breakfast and give him your birthday present. 2. Buy a two dozen bags of birthday confetti and fill a bucket full of confetti, securing it well to the top of the door frame. Make sure that the confetti will drop on the birthday celebrant when he gets home. You can also put a large amount of confetti on top of fan blades in his room so that the confetti will fly all over him when he turned the fan on. 3. Buy an electrical tape or a colored duct tape. Cover the remote control’s sensor using the duct tape that you bought.
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