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Border security truly is Canada’s first line of defence for Canada’s safety. There are over 1200 border crossings in Canada and they protect the entire country and are the first line of defence on terrorism and illegal activity. The CBSA (Canadian Border Security Agency) does a whole lot more than what people see in their encounter with the border security. The CBSA is a federal agency that is responsible for immigration enforcement, border enforcement and customs service. Today I’ll go into detail about what the border security actually do besides just checking your passport. Through their operations, enforcement and intelligence, and there border services officers; they protect us by air, by land, and by water and make sure that only those…show more content…
Their first operations deals with immigration. The CBSA works hard at the front lines, screening everybody entering the country and removing those who are in Canada unlawfully. There other operations have to do with searches and seizures of goods, and examination of those entering Canada. Everybody entering Canada is subject to examination and could be as quick as a few simple questions or it could lead to a full search of the vehicle and seizure of any good that should not be entering Canada. “Border security is National security” , Ted Cruz.
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The type and severity of the examination is up to the CBSA officer and they will make a judgment decision based on a few questions and how you answer them..There operations also include the screening of cars to search for weapons and the use of detector dogs to find illegal drugs or weapons that should not be entering Canada. Any suspicion of the CBSA about you and they will not hesitate to do a full search of the
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They are the first ones to deal with illegal immigrants, terrorism, and illegal drug smuggling. Our CBSA officers are the ones that lead this front line.Everyday they see thousands of people crossing the border and each and everyone of them have a story and these officers need to distinguish and use judgment to determine wheth persons pose a threat or risk on our country. The CBSA really is national security there constantly using intelligence to prevent illegal activity and then there are serious consequences for all offenders. The CBSA strongly enforces its rules as they are all for the safety of entire country. The main way CBSA keeps Canada safe is through their frontline operations that bust people for illegal activity. Without our frontline defence of the CBSA, it would be extremely difficult to have national security. Canada would be a

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