Confession Of A Junkaholic Analysis

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It’s clearly written not to read…!!! Oh c’mon dude stop reading…!!! So you have decided to read it…. I can understand your curiosity…. Fine I’m not going to keep you in suspense anymore…. Before that I would like you to know that you may find it the usual thing you’ve often heard or read anywhere but I promise you it’s worth reading. If I had given the title ‘Caution
Junkies…!!!’ to my article, I know most of you would not have read it, so I had to trick you guys to read it by saying not to read. It’s the fact that people, especially youngsters always do what they are not asked to do. Yeah, this is the “confession of a junkaholic” for all the junkies (like me) who are madly, deeply, sincerely and above all yummyliciously in love with the
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Have you ever wondered how our ancestors stayed healthy and lived longer…??? The reason would definitely be their healthy lifestyle and traditional food. If we look at today’s scenario despite the developments in technology and health sectors we could see people suffer even at their early stage of life. A 20 year old struggling with stress and other psychological issues, a 30 year old dies of heart attack. The only good thing is the pharmaceutical sectors and the multispecialty hospitals are flourishing these days. I do not want to put the whole blame on fast food outlets and people’s eating habits. They are just one among the reasons.
The truth is we are all “educated fools”. Despite knowing the deadly consequences of junk food, we go for it denying the fact that they make us unhealthier and less attractive every time we consume it. We think it is one way to get cultured. Trust me, it’s definitely not. In the name of westernization we are degrading our health. These junk foods are designed and made in such a way that it makes us get addicted to it, craving to have more and more. Junk foods have high fat content (Trans-fats) and sodium. The three main ingredients: salt, sugar, fat. None of them are
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Though they practise it to reduce cost, the consequences are worse. “Re-heating oil raises carcinogenic content in food products. This can heighten risk of colon and
Esophageal cancers. There is also a risk of bloating of the stomach. Oil should, preferably, be used just once.”- The Hindu quotes. This unhealthy practice is also found even in big outlets.
There is a saying “He who eats till he is sick must fast till he is well”.
Too much of anything is good for nothing. Consuming junk food once in a while does not affect health, but regular habit of eating junk foods will definitely have negative impacts on health.
Moderation is the only rule of a healthy life. So, cultivate healthy food habits. Traditional foods are always the best and healthier.
Do not eat anything that your great-grandmother would not recognize as food…!!! Stay active by doing exercise, yoga and all such stuffs. For heaven’s sake avoid using elevators often, instead climb stairs. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet. I know it’s easier when said but it is harder putting it into practice. Nothing is hard when you have the desire to stay longer. Eat healthy and stay healthy! Happy eating

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