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Our country has recently been gifted great human being. A Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi has been recognized for his impeccable passion to abolish child labor. Restore better future of children throw education. His mission still in process as it not over, child labor is as active as he started sense 1980. The stand he took to end child labor and to bring child future in brightness. He aim was to ensure poverty will not affect any child to cast him doing labor. Children rights are being violated. Every child deceiver’s happiness and education, it is almost essential of life being. Every child has the right to enjoy life. Statistics from 23 years ago around 11.2 million children exploited by hard labor. As there is so many NGO from non-…show more content…
The definition as follows, no child below of the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any hazardous conditions. Yet again there are millions of children’s who come from very poor background who are forced to work in heavy factors to feed them self and their family. International and National companies would hire children 's to work in dreadful factories with least protection of safety gears. They won’t even care to acknowledge the conditions of factories for the children. Though it is unconditional or inhuman behavior, the interest of this companies lays with the success of their product. Most of child labor incident occur in third world countries, many of which India is also consider part of it. However very few first world countries also have very small factories forcing children to work. But the major continent like South America, Asia and Africa have been heavily researched or investigated concerning child labor. It is not only factories where such inhuman incidents have happened. But even in household, children’s are working as maids. They would clean their house, look after the kitchen, restricted by the owner to be feed properly. Some would be raped by their owner. They would be beaten or emotionally tortured by their owners without any

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