Speech On Child Poverty

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Good afternoon distinguished members of the government, I am standing here before you as a very concerned citizen to talk about the rise in child poverty we are currently seeing in our country.
First of all, let me talk a little on the background of child poverty in our nation. Child poverty or even poverty in general is present in almost every single country. Even UK, Australia have children living in poverty. From a 2013 report done by UNICEF, it has shown that poverty rates rose from 30.1% in 2008 to 32.2% in 2010 and these figures are still rising. As of 2012, there are around 16.1 million children living in poverty and around 32% of us Americans living in food insecure homes are children. And in the report, we are ranked second in having
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Even though it was not as severe as the Great Depression, it still dealt a heavy blow to our nation in general.

The reason I am here talking about child poverty is so that we can work together as a nation to help decrease the rise of child poverty and make the future of our nation even brighter and stronger by starting from our children. But first, let us all look at some of the impacts child poverty has on our nation. First, it reflects badly on the government for being unable to prevent the child poverty rates from increasing and becoming the second worst of the developed nations. This also makes us citizens concerned about our future as the rates of child poverty is still increasing even though it is much slowly then how fast it was increasing. And our nation would eventually be supported by these children. And this would also affect us economically as there will be more and more people in need of financial aid meaning lesser amount of money for development of the country and investors may not be that quick to invest in our nation as they used to. This is also because that even though
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