Speech On Child Soldiers

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You hear gunshots, yelling. Voices echo in your mind. Voices. Child voices. Then it all stops. All of it. No guns. No voices. Violence. Death. Those to words correlate. A dynamic duo, an inseparable pair. War and soldiers. Again, another perfect pair, but what about soldiers and children, or actually... children soldiers. War torn countries are everywhere, but they are starting to act out of desperation, and this leads to child soldiers. There are many issues with this, from being inhumane, to breaking several laws of war. Child soldiers are a big topic at the moment, but not the children themselves, but if they should or shouldn’t be given amnesty. Due to them criminals, many think they should be locked up. Although some forget that they are also children, children who did anything they could to survive, children who lost everything; which is why amnesty should be given to these children. First, they were only following the orders given to them. Some might say they made the choice, in most cases, it was most likely life or death for these kids. They at least were given food and shelter when joining the war. Although they were also under the influence of drugs, making them more inclined to do actions.“The recruiters of child soldiers also use drugs and alcohol to make children more compliant and to enable them to commit acts they would not ordinarily commit.”(Debatewise). As you can see, it is very unlikely that the children were completely themselves, and instead just a

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