Speech On Children In Poverty

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Children who grow up facing poverty have an abundance more of difficulties and problems verses kids whom are more well off. It is a proven fact that children in poverty have a harder time receiving proper help for some issues that most already get the help for. For example, kids in poverty have a harder time receiving health care, students receive worse education when they are in poverty, they do not have the proper mental health, and sometimes they can not even have a proper food source so that they can consistently eat. Since the children are in poverty, everything plays an effect on the children in poverty, and the children are affected the most. It is harder for every child to receive medicare for their medical bills or even just medical attention. Undoubtedly, medial bills are expensive, all forms of medical bills are ridiculously expensive, and children happen to get sick more often because of the situation they are constantly surrounded by. That means they will need some type of help to cover their medical bills also know as health care, but children do have receiving that help. For example, in “Heathcare of Poverty and Non-Poverty Children in Iowa” written by, Linda A Levey, PHD, N. Martin McDowell, DrPH, and samuel levey, PHD, states that because, “of income and resource and a reversal.” of progress towards equality for, “the provision of child health care.” They also state that, “Many poor students are not covered by health care.” They are stating the fact that
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