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This is a topic that has many titles such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, constitutional rights, freedom of expression, freedom of equality and many more. But it will be a book on its own. Right now we are just touching the lighter notes. However, all I am saying is that every human is worthy of respect – so judge me if you may … it is by all means okay. But, keep in mind that powerful listening goes beyond hearing - it is always good to recap and do a bit of “self cleaning” and be cautious with the finger pointing. Rudeness and disrespect towards others can never earn appreciation. It does not make one look prominent or intelligent. It exposes ignorance and really as it is right now the world is in much decay and we cannot still…show more content…
I always tell women we were never scared to cleanup. We cleanup wounds, our homes, our children and yes we can wash dirty laundry. We dust, mop, scrub, change diapers, clean windows and floors and yes it is all about cleaning up. Yet it is in no uncertain terms that at the end of the day we are but cleaners. Powerful cleaners. And, we know how to handle that function because we will take dirt and remove it and start with a clean slate. As it is known we also have our cleanup fights now and then and we know how to come clean with what is relevant. Notwithstanding, the duty of cleaning is also what makes women reputable; she knows how to carry herself when needed. However, this is not only a woman topic; this is said only from my point of view as a woman. Yet, men too are cleaners and really they can be high-powered in this function. Men can go into battle to clean the problematic situation at work, home and with the family. A man can be open to listen and is eager to give advice. Sometimes he waits for time to work in his favor so that he does not do harm with his words or action. He knows that as a man he must be strict and his steps must show confidence. That is to say, men know how to clean where there is a mess and yes they are at times misunderstood in this regard. But believe me, they can clean up a mess when they take it on as their

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